Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Computerized Cube

I'm always interested in ways of integrating traditional D&D critters into the ASE.  Here's one I came up with....

Computerized Cube
When a gelatinous cube engulfs a robot, it can not fully digest the robot.  If the robot cannot escape the cube, over time the superconducting nature of the cube (immune to lightning, recall) causes a strange transformation to take place.  The robot's mind merges with the ooze nature of the cube to produce a new creature, the computerized cube. When encountered, the appearance is that of a robot frame floating in mid-air, with electric pulses and bits of wire and circuitry flowing through it.
AC 8
6 HD
Move 6"
Attacks for 2d4/paralysis plus 1d6 electric shock
Ranged attack: plasma cannon
save F5
Computerized cubes retain some of the robot's intelligence.  They often seek to add additional technological items to themselves to augment their powers.  Most retain the single-minded aggressiveness of their cube nature, but others may have larger plans in mind.  They all have some telepathic ability to command 'normal' gelatinous cubes and other unintelligent ooze creatures.

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