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Rhino Men - an ASE Race

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No. Enc: 2d6 (5d6)
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 120’ (50’)
Armor Class: 6
HD: 2
Attacks: 1
Damage: d4+1 horn or by weapon + 1
SA: charge, yellow mold pots
SD: immune to disease, gas, mold
Save: F2, +2 on saves vs poison
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: individual - II, Lair - d6x100 gpv precious metal, d6-1 technological items

Rhino men (and women) are a highly factionalized race unique to the ASE.  These heavily muscled, horned humanoids are enemies of the hinge-headed—unsurprising, given that the schema o­f the rhino men race was emanated into the universe by extra-dimensional rivals of the hinge-headed specifically to thwart them.  

Rhino Men are well-suited to a dungeon environment, being able to eat almost any organic material and breathe easily in all but the most noxious atmosphere.  Smoke doesn’t bother them.  They exude chemicals that smell like cloves and render them immune to attack or infestation by any sort of mold or fungi. The clove smell is quite powerful; often it will be detected before the creatures themselves appear.   Anything that tracks by smell will have no trouble following their trail.

Rhino men are quick, bulky, and strong.  They are also relentlessly athletic and competitive.  If you use any sort of skill system grant these creatures bonuses to anything involving running, jumping, climbing, etc.  

For every four encountered one will be a brute.  For every seven encountered one will be a sage.  For every ten encountered one will be a hetman.
Brute: +1 HD, +1 damage
Sage: knows d4 of the following: Cure Light Wounds, P/F Normal Missiles, Resist Fire, Mirror Image, Dispel Magic, Magic Missile.  Caster level = the d4 roll.  After a spell is cast roll d6; on a ‘1’ it is expended for the day.
Hetman: +2 HD, +2 damage

In battle they favor spears and throwing axes, often unleashing a round or two of missiles before charging.  A charging rhino man who attacks with his horn may knock his opponent to the ground (50% if human sized, 25% for ogre, 75% for halfling, etc.).  The rhino man is allowed an immediate weapon attack if the knockdown is successful.    

For each leader type present, roll 1d4.  The total is the number of yellow mold grenades the group has.  These fragile clay pots do 1d6 on a direct hit, and fill a 5’ radius with spores—save vs. poison or d6 choking damage.   Of course the rhino men themselves are completely immune to the mold.  They often cultivate the stuff as a defense in their lairs.

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