Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I'm maybe too much into Gygaxian naturalism but I feel like parts of the ASE are a little 'food poor'...there's just some places where I'm left wondering how these guys survive.  I've had a couple ideas along these lines, but this is a magico-techno device from the Dynamat days that can be dropped in anywhere:

Rejuvenation field – These devices are permanently installed and run off Tesla-type broadcast power within the ASE.   They appear to be a large metal box about six feet tall with two handles sticking out that you can grasp.  There's a small visual readout that's basically a progress bar.   If you grab hold of the handles you feel ‘energized’—like your hair is standing on end, though it isn't.  Hold on for ten minutes and you regain one hit point and need not eat for a day.  One box can sustain 140 people if they rigorously schedule their sessions. For every minute after ten you start seeing stars and take a point of damage as your cells start to explode.  They're usually found in areas where Dynamat had guardposts or other semi-permanent installations.

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